Q: What is MR ?

A: MR is short for Mediated Reality, which was first proposed by professor Steve Mann
( regarded as “father of wearable computing”)
at the University of Toronto.

Q: What’s the difference between MR,VR and AR ?

A: From the effect view, MR can achieve the same features as VR and AR, but even more. VR/AR is a subset of MR.From the technical view, most VR use optical see-through technology, add virtual stuff on the real world
image. When fully covered with virtual stuff, it turns to be VR. Therefore VR is a subset of AR. VR is all virtual
and just need a display screen.
MR use video see-through technology, through binocular camera you can see the transform digital real world,
and through computer real time imaging, you can mixed partly AR or whole virtual environment(VR). Moreover,
you can edit video image without limited. What you can see is a rendered image that allow more extensive features.

Q: What is Video See-Through ?

A: Through binocular camera algorithm and display device, people can capture the real world with no delay and no distortion by using the camera, and realize virtual transparent. This technology make the virtual world and the real world consistent which makes it possible to precisely capture outside environment through glasses.

Q: What’s the difference between MR and AR? What’s the advantages ?

A: MR use video see-through technology while AR use optical see-through technology. VR glasses based on optical see-through technology is high cost and complicated. There is delay between the real stuff and virtual stuff and AR don’t support occlusion culling. At present, devices such as Hololens and Google Glass use optical see-through technology, which can only add virtual semitransparent stuff on the reality, which means to some degree they have limit field of view, virtual object cannot cover reality. However MR glasses use video see-through technology. The digital reality is just one of the output element. The image real time rendered by computer algorithm can achieve unlimited FOV and semitransparent holographic projection.

Q: From the effect view, what’s MR’s advantages compared with VR ?

A: MR products are totally different with VR products. VisionerTech’s VMG can freely switch between VR and AR, which can meet the needs of many industries. Currently devices such as HTC, Oculus can only support virtual reality, which is mainly used in games, entertainment industry, seldom used in other industries.

Q: What’s MR glass’s application scenarios?

A:MR glasses VMG-PROV will be firstly used in education, marketing, pan-entertainment, etc. Strictly speaking, VisionerTech’s MR glasses is just like the third eye of human being, realizing digital perception of real world. It really highly improve people’s visual perception ability. It can fulfil different needs for different industries.