About VisionerTech


VisionerTech was established in May, 2015.
We with the mission of combining science and art,.
Dedicated to the development of intelligent hardware for human visual perception,
It seamlessly merges the real world with the virtual world,
It is a high-tech wearable display device for "Mediated Reality".

VisionerTech has three r&d forces, including shenzhen,
mann and Toronto HI lab.Diverse research and development teams
have turned the study of smart glasses into a whole new art.

Led by the frontier theory of "Mediated Reality",
Open the visual travel of virtual and reality fusion.

Prof. Steve Mann

Chief Scientist

Prof. Steve Mann is widely regarded as "The father of wearable computing”. He is a tenured full professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, with cross-appointments to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and Faculty of Forestry, at the University of Toronto, and is a Professional Engineer licensed through Professional Engineers Ontario. Mann holds a PhD in Media Arts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he was one of the integral members of the Wearable computing group at MIT Media Lab.

Arkin Ai


Arkin Ai is the committee member of China Wearable Computing Innovation Strategic Alliance (CWCISA). He holds a M.A.Sc in Computer Engineering (2014) and a B.A.Sc in Electrical Engineering (2012), both from the University of Toronto. While at the university, he was the researcher of Humanistic Intelligence (HI) Lab, under the supervision of Prof. Steve Mann, Father of Wearable Computing.

Nicholas Liang


Nicholas Liang holds a M.A in the field of Integrated Media from California Institutes of Arts. Study areas include photography, film, animation, architecture, technological media and their integration. He was in charge of several multi-disciplinary events, during his time working in Publicis Groupe, which is a French multinational advertising and public relations company.

Eric Lin

CEO of Canada Office

Eric Lin holds a M.A.Sc in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto. He has worked in AMD based in Silicon Valley, and has been selected as a researching engineer for Canada national program, SAVI (Smart Applications on Virtual Infrastructure), which addresses the design of future cloud applications platform built on a flexible, versatile and evolvable infrastructure.

Xiaohui Ma

Consultant of Marketing

Xiaohui Ma was a VP of Marketing in Vipshop Holding Limited, which is one of the most competitive ecommerce platform in China. He was EMBA graduate of CKGSB (Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business) and has working experiences from Xinhua News Agency, Hunan Broadcasting System, CCTV, Sina, etc.

Tony Chen

Chief Consultant

Tony is a professor of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China,the researcher of Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology,Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has been exploring the field of wearable computing and augmented reality for 20 years. He is the pioneer of wearable computing in China.

Mir Adnan Ali

Lead Researcher

Adnan holds a Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto and has been exploring in Computational Photography. He has owned several patents and published papers in top related conferences of IEEE/ACM.